Primarily a Practice Doily

So yeah, I did a practice doily to make sure the pattern was sound. So far, so good.

I started out nervously anticipating messing up as much as possible but I managed to make it to the really complicated bits with relatively no static.

First, it was the set up rounds…

Then things got complicated, fast.

Still, I powered through. My disposition sunny and my goal of completing a doily in my sights.

Slowly, I built up one side of the doily. Going row by row double crocheting in some places, single crocheting in others. Plenty of chain stitches to go around.

Until, finally, I get near the end. My goal is in sight. My hopes risen for a successful project’s completion. Just a few more rows and some edging. I’ll have completed a doily. I’m still in shock that I’ve made it this far. I never thought I’d make one and here it is, a little over half completed and sitting on my chair next to me.

2 thoughts on “Primarily a Practice Doily

  1. Oddly enough, I really like doilies. Not only do I admire the work that goes into them, I just think they’re beautiful. Most of the ones I have were my grandmother’s. So there is also the connection to family.


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