The Paradox of my Yarn Diet

I am on a yarn diet until April. Don’t laugh, it’s true. I’m not buying yarn or crochet thread from anyone until 1 April. Even that first order is going towards someone else. With that saved up money, I’m buying my friend Lotta a wedding present of knitting and crocheting supplies, including:

ALL THE YARN AND THREAD!!!! Okay, not “all” of it. Enough to fill a box though.
A crochet hook set and a Tunisian crochet hook. (took my meds)
Knitting notions (stitch holders, markers, etc needle/hook gauge/row counter, etc.
Cable needles, yarn needles

Hopefully, this will all fit in the box I have saved for this.

It seems a little more than funny that I am, even now, getting calls for orders despite my dedication to my yarn diet. I’m being commissioned to knit or crochet (ha ha, crochet) a baby blanket. I don’t know what the pay is yet but I will whip out the best work I can. In April. Not before.

Could I use the money? Yes. My last order wasn’t as big as originally promised, nor am I getting paid what was originally agreed. I’ve made my peace with that though. My sanity means a good deal more to me. So, I will not be doing this project right away. Tough titty if anyone has a problem with it.


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