Yarn Overload

I swear, I’m working with so much yarn, I’m going to wind up with Woolsorters’ Disease.That’s all I need. I’ve already had Farmer’s Lung when I was a kid. I’m currently caking the last of the fingering weight wool yarn up. Then, I move on to the worsted weight. I really like doing this though. This yarn ball winder makes my life so much easier.

I’m really hoping Lion Brand’s Fisherman’s wool fits on my yarn ball winder. I want it in cakes before I knit the sweater up.

I’m also going to sort out the acrylic yarn. I’ve got several skeins of that laying around, waiting to be caked.

My current project on the needles is Sam’s Boba Fett Mythosaur hat. I’m chugging along slowly with that one. It’ll get done before the end of the month.

I may extend my yarn diet. I kind of like being free from buying excess yarn. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m a masochist who likes suffering under the weight of pain from not buying the yarn I so desperately crave. If I do buy yarn for myself, I’m only buying bare yarn with which to dye with. I’m also going to buy… Kool-Aid and Flavor-Aid. Ew. Also, I’m getting a big bottle of vinegar to aid in the dyeing of the yarn. Easter is coming up, so I’ll wait until after to pick up a bunch of dye kits on the cheap. I’ll have to get a pot to dye all this yarn in too. I’m not using my cooking pots for this one.

Okay, I’m officially tired. Later.


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