The Battle of the Bissells

1622 vs 1623 or, as I like to call it, the Battle of the Bissells, is my reference to making a mistake in purchasing the wrong deep cleaning carpet cleaner. Internationally, the color of 1623 is very much like the 1622 model and, with that as my guiding star, I purchased the Bissell 1622 from Amazon, thinking I’d get all the cleaning attachments.

Wow, am I ever glad I reread the reviews before my ability to cancel the order was up! As it turns out, the Bissell 1622 is a carpet cleaner alone, while the Bissell 1623 is in fact the same as the international version of the Powerwash Powerbrush Select.

An honest mistake that almost cost me $96.00USD. o_O

Thankfully, I saw my error just in time and canceled the order. Now, all I have to do is order the right model. It should be here inside of a week. 🙂


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