So, About That Thumb Pain…

Apparently, it was *dramatic music* Paronychia of the thumb!

Yeah, I had to google it too. It is evidently an infection of the nailbed. Mine is right at the joint of my thumb, so fingernails must be pretty darn long. Doc F put me on painkillers and the second strongest antibiotic I’ve ever taken. It’s something generic for Augmentin. I was put on 875mg horsepills. The sleep I got was insane but the antibiotics did the trick in lessening the infection. I just hope they clear it altogether.

My thumb still hurts, so I’ve been taking it easy on the crochet front. I haven’t done any knitting whatsoever but I have been doing crochet work on Lotta’s Purple Table Topper. I’m slowly going but I’m currently on round 13 of the doily. New pictures to come when I get to round 19 but here are two pictures of my work at rounds 6 and 10.

I like working on these types of projects because they don’t stress my fingers out so much. I’m still floored that I’m making doilies. When I’m not passing out from the antibiotics, that is.


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