Project Mania

My thumb is getting better but it’s still not there yet. The doctor I saw said to soak it for two more weeks and it should be as right as rain after that. Right now, it still hurts to bend it. There’s apparently a fluid filled chamber just above the knuckle which is preventing me from bending my thumb efficiently.That’s fine for crochet work since it’s my left thumb and I crochet right handed.

For knitting though, it’s a nightmare. I still can’t do anything with it in regards to knitting. I need to be able to bend my thumb to maintain the proper tension for the projects I’m working on. I don’t want to mess up Sam’s hat. So, here it sits, collecting dust on my table. To give myself a small break from fine point crochet (because that hurts too), I’m crocheting on the scarf I initially started on 23 February 2014. It’s called Breaking the Windowpane scarf and it’s a following of the Noro Windowpane Scarf pattern.

It doesn’t hurt my thumb, which is a nice change. It’s also a really quick working pattern, so I should be finished it inside of this week. Hopefully, my thumb will be one hundred percent better by then and I can get back to fine point crochetwork and knitting.

So, for the record, my current WIP project list is as follows:

  1. Breaking the Windowpane Scarf
  2. Lotta’s Purple Table Topper
  3. Sam’s Mythosaur Hat
  4. Ari’s Amazing Technicolor Windowpane Scarf

I’m a little tired right now, so I am going to take a nap before getting up to do some crocheting. Later! 🙂


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