Four Socks at a Time via Magic Loop

So, yeah. I had everything else to do when I decided to do this…

Yes, Ladies, Gentlemen and Variations Thereupon, I am doing four socks at a time on one 60 inch long circular needle. Told ya, I’m cRaZy.

Actually, it’s fairly easy once you learn to do two socks at a time. I probably should have alternated the casted on socks by color so as to ensure I didn’t accidentally knit the wrong working yarn to the wrong sock but, so far, I’m keeping good track. I don’t know how this is going to fare when it gets to the more complicated heel turning and picking up the gusset stitches but, in the round, this is great.

My one problem? I caked the yarn into two strands coming out of the center of the cake. The yarn I’m using has a tendency to grip at each other’s threads, which isn’t so good for smooth knitting but it’s not an impossible or insurmountable thing. I just take two of my biggest stitch holders and separate the threads so I have a bit more working slack in my yarn feed. The next batch of yarn I cake for this purpose will either be put into separate cakes or I’ll draw from both the inner and outer thread to knit from.

In all honesty, I really should be working on my friend’s purple doily and all the other projects ahead of these socks. The possibility of four socks at a time was just weighing so heavily on my mind that I had to see if it could be done. It’s early days…

As to my friend’s projects, I am currently on round fourteen of Lotta’s Purple Doily. I had to frog it a bit yesterday due to a mistake I made in the previous round. I was meant to do a double shell in shell and I did a regular shell. There was no way to fudge that one. The good thing is, I’m on the right track as of right now. I’m hoping to finish this doily by the weekend.

After the doily, comes my friend Sam’s Mythosaur hat. At the rate I can knit now, he’ll get that hat before next Winter. 🙂

After the hat, comes my friend Kathleen’s doily set. She’s getting two Cosmos Doilies and a Coffee Table Topper. I’ve never done the Cosmos Doily before but it looks like something I could do. Time will tell.

After the Doily set, comes my friend Meredith’s Doily for her pottery. This is probably the most intricake pattern I’ve done but get it done I will. I’m channeling my Inner Hobbit on all of these but especially this one because I’d also like to make one for myself in black.

After the Pottery Doily, comes my friend Ari’s scarf. It’s like my Breaking the Windowpane scarf, only in the Knit Picks Chroma colorway of Prism.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Finished the Breaking the Windowpane scarf!!!!

Yep, I finished it on the 12th of May. It is a fantastic pattern. I got a good portion of it done while listening to The Decemberists and watching Science-y goodness on YouTube. Mostly, I was zombified by Australia: The First Four Billion Years, the Botany of Desire and What Plants Talk About. Love those shows.

Once I get all of this out of the way, I will focus on redecorating my room. I now have a black sheet to go with my purple and green blanket and pillowcase. So, I figured I’d run with this color scheme and make a throw and matching pillows in these three colors-ish and Red Heart’s Blacklight yarn. I’m going to make the Octagons and Squares throw [Video Link Here] for my chair and two pillows (if I have the yarn) for my back while in the chair and for my bed to hold my head up.

Only after I have done all these things will I get back to the personal knitting and crocheting. So, these socks are going to be on the needles for quite a while.

In the realm of container gardening, I’ve finally gotten the sweet potatoes planted. I planted eight vines and I’m hoping all eight produce a prodigious amount of tubers in the pot I put them in. I poured nearly 17 quarts of soil into that pot. Something’s got to come out of it besides water. The original sweet potato is still producing vines. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them all. Maybe give them to the neighbors? Let it grow wild? Eat it as it grows out? The sky’s the limit on that thing.

I am considering getting rid of the notion of watering my plants once a week. It got almost as hot as Venus in here the other day and my plants nearly dried out after only a few days from watering day. So, I’m going to mix a weak solution of fertilizer and give them a bit every two days to see if that makes for an improvement.

Well, there isn’t much more to write about. Nothing else has happened worthy of writing about. So, Later! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Four Socks at a Time via Magic Loop

  1. My favorite plant store used to do wonderfully with a weak solution of fish emulsion and a regular watering. However, if you have a lot of plants, you will smell the fish emulsion. When I had a lot of plants to water, I used to make up 1/8 tsp/gallon solution of Peter’s Professional plant food and use it for regular watering (no fish emulsion smell). My plants never looked so healthy.


    • I don’t think that would work for me but thanks for telling me about it. Maybe one day, when I have a place of my own, I could try it.

      I have twenty pots filled with various plants and seedlings. One belongs to my cousin. She just hasn’t picked it up yet. When she does, it’ll be replaced by my Maple Tree experiment.

      I do have a lot of MiracleGro plant food I’ve been using at a similar ratio. No smells and good results.


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