Goals and Accomplishments 2014

“I have walked the earth for thirty years and, out of gratitude, want to leave some souvenir.”
– Vincent Van Gogh

I am feeling very good. So far, this year, I’ve completed one good goal. I took three hundred sixty five pictures and posted them to Facebook with a little daily update. My goal in that was threefold.

One, was to break out of the agoraphobia by having a reason to go take interesting pictures. It worked somewhat for this but not nearly as much as I’d hoped it would.

Two, it was a means for me to document my changes over the course of one year. This one didn’t work out too well either. I actually gained weight over this past year. Hopefully, I can remedy this now that I’m not focused on maintaining the photo project.

Three, it was a means of improving my writing abilities by forcing me to use my imagination to come up with new and exciting ways of describing my dull life. That worked. I was able to effectively and creatively describe myself, without giving out too many personal details, and enable my friends to get to know me better. I just hope it wasn’t too boring. 😉

My current goals are as follows:

Knit all the yarn I’ve bought.

Knit enough pairs of socks so I can wear hand-knitted ones every day.

Read more, write more, write better.

The first two feed into each other, especially considering I’m on a yarn diet for the rest of the year. I will not buy new yarn until 2015. As a good portion of my yarn is sock yarn, I needn’t worry about running out of the potential for sock making materials anytime soon.

The only thing between myself and getting down to business with regard to sock making is the projects I’ve promised to do for others. I should be able to make quick work of those though and, when I do, it’ll be my own needs and wants at centerstage.

The third goal is, essentially, the building blocks of becoming a more effective writer. Instead of rambling on, as I tend to do, I hope to become more concise and precise with my words. The first book I’m reading towards this goal is called English Skills with Readings 4th Edition by John Langan. This is a Remedial English book. I hope to blast through it, picking up good writing structure along the way.

Those are my three focused goals for the rest of 2014. I hope I manage to complete them all with celerity. ❤


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