Finished Lotta’s Purple Table Topper…

…on 28 May 2014. I don’t know why I didn’t make an announcement post about it. I guess because I’m not as happy with the end result as I was with the cotton based doilies I made. This acrylic thread doesn’t really block well like acrylic yarn does in hot water or steam.

Well, at least I got it done.

For my next party trick, I’m still working on Sam’s hat. It’s taking forever to make despite knitting on it frequently. I keep telling myself that it’s no different than making a pair of socks except for it all being one big project but…I took six months to make a pair of socks. Not exactly encouraging. Still, I’ll get it done.

Then, when I’m downstairs or outside in other locations, I knit on a pair of worsted weight yarn socks I’m making for the Maternal Parental. The End of May socks are designed to keep my hands busy when I’m away at doctor’s appointments.

Then again, those are few and far between. In other news, my p-doc quit her job. Which effectively leaves me with one doctor at the medical center I go to until they can find a replacement. Until that glorious day, my med doc will be handling the dispensing of my psych meds. That ought to be fun.

Lucky for me, I’m in a good place and am pretty good as self management of my conditions. Between this blog, my journals and my private hand written journal, I keep on top of my conditions pretty well. I just hope it stays that way until I’m back under the watchful eye of a proper psychiatrist. It’s not that I don’t trust the abilities of my med doc, it’s just that psychiatry is a very specialized field with a lot of potential pitfalls and missteps that I feel are better looked after by someone with training specifically in that genre of medicine.

Anyway, onto other things.

I’m doing well in my three stated goals. I purchased my last book this past 30 May and, starting from 1 June, I will not buy another book or yarn until 1 January. I am knitting regularly, which is slowly dwindling down my yarn supply. Plus, as soon as I finish making this hat, I have four socks waiting to be knit at round six on the cuff.

I’m going to go read my book. I think I spend too much time watching consumable media rather than reading it. I don’t like the way this makes me feel. I wish to use my brain to figure things out rather than have it spoon fed to me. Regardless of how good the spoon feeding might be, I want to exercise my mental abilities as best as I can. So, later. ❤


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