I’m writing another story finally but…I’m stuck on page fifteen. I’m trying everything short of sacrificing a black chicken to get my writer’s mojo back but nothing is working. I’ve tried silence, sleeping, staying awake, caffiene in the form of tea, music and meditation but nothing will come out of my mind that could go into this story.

It’s getting to be a good story too. One that I wouldn’t mind finishing and reading over and over again. I’m determined to finish this story before the end of next month, so walking away from it isn’t an option. I just seem to be stuck in a rut right now. Oh well, at least I have 6,180 words written so far.

Nothing much else is happening. I’m supposed to be studying English but I’m not. I’ve been too focused on this story.

I baked some bread and cookies. That’s something in the complete column at least. To be prescise, two loaves of bread and about four dozen cookies.

I tried looking at the Christmas Lectures featuring Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins but this story keeps drawing me in. It’s quite a mental drain.

If I ever finish it, my Poly peeps will get quite a kick out of it. It is a Poly based story. Emphasis on the “if I ever finish it”. o_O


6 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. You have more written than I do on mine. 😛 Um. The only thing that really works for me is to walk away for a day or so, let it mentally percolate and then go back to it. Good luck!


    • Thanks! I’ll try that once I get this tiny bit in my head right now saved.

      I have it completely written out but it’s not formatted. *sigh* I need to get into the habit of writing my stories out in future.

      Deegee kicked me in the pants and that kickstarted something in my brain to get me writing again.


  2. Just a suggestion. Outline what’s in your head. Set it aside. Write something else, even if it’s silly limericks or something. Come back to the story when you’re ready to write or edit what you have.


  3. I’d love to watch those Christmas lectures… are they on YouTube?
    At the moment, I’m a whopping 40 pages into my current work, a novel based on my Web comic. I _will_ finish it, come hell or high water. I’ve never finished so much as a short story in my life. I’ve got a pile two feet high of first chapters I’ve accreted over the last 30 years. But this one’s not going to get away from me, dammit.
    Don’t give up. If I can come up with 40 pages, you can finish that mother 🙂


    • Yes, just search for “Christmas Lectures” in conjunction with their names and they should pop up.

      I’m pulling for you to finish your novel!

      I won’t give up, I just need to expel this pent up excess energy somehow. Then my focus can move back to writing.


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