Today Was Not A Good Day

However, there are a few bright spots in it.

It became apparent today that I am moving into a mild to moderate depressed state when I did a quiz on one of the health based websites. It’s the anniversary of the Maternal Parental being hit by a car and, while shes doing a lot better than those first few days, she is still struggling a bit emotionally, physically and psychologically as a result of the event. Cars still frighten the hell out of her and, considering what happened, I can’t say I blame her. 😦

For me, it’s been a none too subtle reminder at just how much my illnesses affect me. The self same Agoraphobia which prevented me from going to the hospital to be with her when she got hit is still present. I am working on it daily but I seem to be making no headway. The anxiety disorders are flaring up (PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder) but I’m knocking them down as they do. I’m hoping for an increase in my medication when I next go to the Doctor for my physical. o_O

On the side of the good, I am itching to get more work done on Sam’s infernal hat. I’ve gotten three inches knitted already with a lot more to go. I’m determined to get this done. The itch to knit hasn’t hit me in quite a while, so I’m happy it’s returned. I just wish my thumb didn’t hurt so I could do it for hours like I used to do. Still, some progress is better than none at all.

Another good thing, on the crochet front, I’m making a warm weather cardigan. I’m very well into the front portion of it now. I’m hoping to have it all completed before September. My boobs are so big, I had to modify the pattern drastically but it’s based on the Veranda Cardi. Instead of sewing the two pieces together, I’m making the two pieces the front and then making a larger back piece. From there, I’ll sew those together and, if I can manage it with the same color yarn, crochet some small sleeves into the piece. If I can’t, it’ll be the Amazing Pastelcolor Nightmare Coat since I have a lot of Lion Brand’s Pound of Love remnants to go around in many colors.

A fantastically great thing on the blogging front, Polyamory Mom is back to blogging. Her new blog is called Red Thread Farm. I was really inspired reading her initial blog and I look forward to reading her new work. 🙂

A wonderful thing on the health front, I am no longer in possession of a pained knee. Neither one hurts anymore. Now that the ridiculousness of pain is over for the most part, I can get back to exercising regularly and pursue my outdoors exposure therapy goals with gusto. By “gusto”, I am of course meaning one baby step at a time. I am determined to have this thing beaten by next year.

So, chin up, people. There is work to be done. Later. 😀 ❤


2 thoughts on “Today Was Not A Good Day

  1. It is normal to feel afraid of vehicles after the accident. It takes a couple of year for some people. But eventually it will pass. Hopefully it’ll be sooner for your mom. 🙂


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