Pottery Pineapple Doily Exchange 2014

I am currently on round seventeen of the Pottery Pineapple Doily Exchange 2014 doily. I have ten more rounds and six more rows to go until completion.

This doily is for my friend Meredith. Though she doesn’t have to, she’s giving me pottery she’s made in exchange for it. I’m deeply appreciative of her gift and I just hope that my gift to her is good enough to justify the exchange.

Why, may you ask, am I working on a doily when I was previously working on a sweater? My mind is scattering something bad and I needed something complicated to focus on to keep it from drifting off. So far, it’s working. As soon as I’ve finished this doily, I’ll evaluate my mental state and do another project accordingly.

When my hands are too tired to crochet, I’m taking the time out to read. Right now, I’m reading The Ethical Slut by Janet Hardy and Dossie Easton. So far, it’s a pretty good read. It’s not the original book but the updated version. Right now, I’m just reading straight through it for now. I’ll probably do the written assignments on my next read through.

That’s about all that has been happening in my life. Later. 🙂


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