Oh Hai There!

It’s me, your friendly neighborhood Loony.

I’ve got a date. Yeah, I can scarcely believe it myself.

He’s a seemingly normal, very nice gentleman who hasn’t tingled my spidey sense yet. That’s a positive. As you can probably tell from the calendar reference in the sidebar, we’re meant to go out this Friday. The details of where we’re going and for how long we’ll be gone are still unknown. Spontaneity isn’t my strong suit. I like plans and details. Especially with people who are effectively strangers to me. Hell, I don’t like surprises with my own friends and family. Yet, I’m willing to go on this date, regardless.

Why? I hear you and me both asking? I would have to say it’s because I genuinely like the guy. Had it been one of the numerous blind dates and not so blind dates my parents tried to set me up on, I would have been running for the hills. He doesn’t strike me as a horrible person or an evil person. He just seems like a nice guy.

Being no fool, I will, of course, take every precaution in my arsenal to ensure my safety. Call it my Linus Blanket, if you will. 😀

At the very least, my German can get a good practice with him at the level of basic friendship.

I did promise him I’d make him some gloves. I might also make him a hat which would require I buy yarn despite my yarn and book diet. I’m not getting much. Just six skeins of Lion Brand’s Superwash Merino Cashmere in the color he chose, black, and some Lion Brand’s Pound of Love to make a baby blanket for a recently acquired commission. The glove yarn, I’ll incorporate into my own accessory set, as it’s the third of my tricolor of black, purple and green. The blanket yarn, I’ll incorporate, as needed into my cardigan.

Deliciously hideous. 🙂

Okay, that’s enough rambling. Back to working on the doily. I’m currently on round 20. Thanks for reading. I hope it wasn’t too traumatic. :p


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