Commissions, Yay!

Okay, well, I’m only getting paid for one thing. Even so.

I am making a baby blanket for a client’s great-grandchild and, to add a bonus item to the mix, I’m going to attempt to make a little toy bear to go with it.

For my second commission, I am making my new friend a pair of gloves. That’s if my thumb will let me. You know, I think I ought to include this darn thing in the Blog terminology page? It’s almost as bad as Frankenfoot.

Now, both of these are going to require that I buy some yarn. I don’t consider this a breaking of my goal of a yarn diet as the purchase of the yarn is not directly for me. I did stipulate that commissions which require the purchase of yarn would be exempt from my yarn fasting. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself…

Onto the Doily. I made it as far as round 24 and was all prepared to go to round 25 when I noticed one of the pineapple chain 3 loops was missing. A further investigation revealed that I had, in point of fact, messed up a full three rounds before. Oh, the frogging I did was enough to make anyone cry. It’s presently sitting on the floor, collecting dust until such time as I finish this blog entry. Then, I’m going to give it the college try again. Pity me.


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