Making a Point

Well, making eleven points to be precise. I’m finally into the point making turning part of the doily. *sigh of relief*

After this, I have the commission to do and then, I’m knitting for a while. I mega hit my thumb a few days ago and, since that time, it’s hurt less than usual. I don’t know if I dislodged something or what but I’m happy to be able to grip for the first time in months without too much blinding pain.

Still haven’t gone on that date yet. We’re getting sick in turns it seems. Hopefully, we’ll both be in peak physical health next week, so we don’t vomit all over one another in meeting. Ha ha.

On the gifting front, the Maternal Parental found an old hat I made for a commission and decided she wanted to use that instead of the color she specificially picked out to match her coat. You know? The color I paid good money in three skeins of yarn for to make a hat, gloves and a scarf? Yeah, that yarn. So, she’s decided she wants the coffee brown acrylic hat. Lucky for me, I’m stuck with a plethora of coffee brown acrylic yarn due to a commission changing their mind about the number of items they wanted. So, I can make it happen. I guess the claret yarn will go towards…socks?

Tonight’s agenda is to get as much done on this doily as possible and move onto something else. I’m hoping to have it finished well before the end of the month, so I can start on the commission ASAP for the baby’s blanket and bear. Once that’s out of the way, I can do the gloves at my leisure. That’s if my thumb keeps acting good.


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