Slowly Getting It Done

Slowly, but surely, I am getting this doily completed.

I’ve got three more points to do before the edging and I’ll only have to weave in the ends. Making this has been a real joy. I love the pattern in spite of its complications.

In other news, I may have a commission to fix a blanket. Before I do it, I’ve just got to learn…how…to…fix a blanket. o_O

There are a few books I’m going to pick up for this task. They should have something in them that will aid me in completing this task. I am also open to recommendations if you, the good readers, know of good books with repair information in them?

Right now, I need a nap. I was up half the night waiting on a communique from either my nephew or Paternal Parental. Thankfully, it came in today. Enjoy your day, everyone. Later.


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