The Beginnings of the Little Boy Blue Blanket

I’ve started on the blanket. *fanfare*

I love this pattern too. I’m a little further along than the above picture but not by much. I’m trying to pick up the pace so I can get this thing done before the end of September. I think I can do it. I have enough confidence in my abilities to think myself capable of this feat.

I’m making it extra big so that it can be used well after newborn phase. Is that what they call it? Newborn phase? I know little of such things. It’s for an as yet unborn baby. Theres no telling how big or small he’ll be, so I thought it safe to make the blanket on the large side to prepare for the eventuality that he’s a giant baby.

In other news, I’m almost back down to my “low” high weight. I was having issues with edema over the past two weeks that had me pushing my high weight again. Thankfully, it’s back down. I don’t know what I did to alleviate it but I’m glad it is gone. Edema is no fun. Hopefully, the dancing breaks I take in between crochet marathons will be enough exercise to keep the weight dropping. At least for the month I’m working on this blanket. I plan on restarting my regular two hour workout routine once this blanket is done.

Aside from that, no dates for a while. I’m quite off of them at the present. I will, of course, meet good friends for platonic get togethers but nothing romantic. Instead, I’m going to spend the next few months focusing on myself. Ugh, that sounds so self obsessed. What I meant is that there’s a lot I could be working on rather than pursuing, or being pursued by, romantic interests.

Chief among these things is the agoraphobia. I’m going to start exposure therapy on myself in an effort to break the stranglehold it has on me. I’ve been reading about it and conversing with people online who’ve done it. I think it’s time I gave it a try. Nothing too extreme to start off. Just walking, unaccompanied, around the block a few times a day. From there, hopefully, I can expand on the territory I can travel in without having a massive anxiety attack.

After that, is my writing. Aside from text messages and this blog, I haven’t been writing much lately. I do not like that one bit. My goal to be an author suffers greatly by my not practicing everyday. To that end, I am going to get back to studying my English text books, writing in my composition notebooks and increasing my writing on here and via my stories. Hopefully, this will help me improve my writing abilities to the point where I can get that book done in 2015 like I want to.

Third among my short term goals is to get in contact with the worst of the worst mental health centers and get an appointment in with a therapist and psychiatrist since the shining light of heath centers doesn’t have either available for the forseeable future. I am earnestly hoping that no drama occurs with this place this time around. The last time I was under their “care”, I was driven to being a completely housebound agoraphobic from one who could at least get out. Hopefully, it won’t be recommended that I re-enter their Day Program. *shudder* The stuff of nightmares.

I’m in a good place and I don’t want to get worse through incompetence.

A brighter future through hard work and perseverance is my aim. 🙂


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