I’m Free!!!!

It’s been a little under a year and a half since I’ve been fully out of a relationship. Permit me to celebrate.


A year and a half, a pair of hand made socks and my wasted time but I can’t honestly say that it was worth it. To be treated with suspicion by someone I chose to love and trust is cold. Especially when that person was the one acting suspiciously, not disclosing things and generally being an all around douchecanoe with my emotions. I’m glad to be free of it and able to pursue other avenues.

Onward to better and brighter things.

In a completely unrelated realm, the Little Boy Blue Blanket is really coming along. I’m on row thirteen right now. After the tragic news of the past few days, I haven’t been much in the mood to work on it but work on it I must if I want it done by the time the baby gets here in September.

Before I get tangled up in yarn, I’ll finish up a few conversations I’ve been having with people and then I’ll work the night away while listening to some music.


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