Ooooh Shiny Books!

I’m looking at an episode of Charlie Rose. On this episode they’re talking about a book made into a movie. It’s called The Giver. I’m really interested in reading this book. I’m not so excited about the movie. Based on the reviews, they cut crucial stuff out of it.

I am totally excited about getting these books. It’s apparently part of a series of four books. I’m trying to avoid reading the Wikipedia synopsis for it all because I don’t want spoilers.

In other news, I am a little over halfway through the first skein of yarn and a little under halfway done for the Little Boy Blue Blanket. I made a promise to myself that, if I managed to get through the other half of this skein before 6pm, I’d make two fresh loaves of bread and turn the current bread into bread pudding. That promise isn’t looking too good because I’m procrastinating about crocheting even now.

Methinks that this blanket is just going to meet the qualifications of blanket without me having to buy a third skein of yarn. It won’t be a full 50″ x 50″ but it should be usable as a baby’s blanket. Either way you slice it, I’m not frogging it to redo with a shorter chain.

Well, I’d better eat lunch and get back to work. Later.


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