On and On I Crochet…

I feel as though I’m stuck in a temporal loop. Everyday, I’m doing the same thing for hours on end, without end, until I get too tired to do it anymore. Temporarily, I walk away from the project, knowing, even as I do, it’s insidiously waiting for me to pick it up again. I feel so trapped by this project. :’-(

Anyway, I’m sixty percent of the way through the blanket. Progress is slow but I’m getting there. I’m hoping to have it finished before 5 September. Realistically, 1 September isn’t looking like a possibility. I don’t know when the baby is due but, if he’s due before I get this done, he’ll just have to wait for this blanket.

Other than that, my plants are growing well. They’re all thriving. I did have to take cuttings from the Coleus plants due to the pot tipping over a few days ago. They’re happily rooting in a takeaway pint size container.

The pineapples are growing like weeds. I’m currently making plans to get them individual containers so they can branch out even further and grow stronger.

The Snake plant is almost as tall as I am. I think that’s as tall as it gets so, I’m not focusing on making it exceed this.

The orange trees are half my height. Their leaves are dropping off due to being right over the air conditioner but, otherwise, they’re alright.

The pelargonium look to be ready to flower any minute now. I’m going to give them in particular some fertilizer tomorrow morning to give them a little boost for the autumnal growing season.

The lemongrass is growing tall and strong. It seems like the more water I dump on them, the bigger and stronger they get.

The aloe vera are all vigorous and healthy. I’m still waiting for the people they go to to come and get them or arrange for their pickup.

Last, but not least, my single surviving African violet looks very healthy in its new soil. No sign of pests or any diseases anywhere on the plant. If they’re in there, I’ll root them out tomorrow. 🙂


2 thoughts on “On and On I Crochet…

  1. its good your plants are surviving my, purple african violet the flowers died but the plant survives despite the renovations to the building, still got to reattempt the vege growing. you will make it with the blanket.


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