Pest Control

Yes, I totally cursed myself with the last post. In it, I bragged about not having any problems with my plants. Specifically, I boasted of no signs of pest or diseases in my African violet.


I checked the potting mix five minutes after I wrote that and, like a cold wind from the North, the critters started appearing. Cyclamen mites in my African violet mix meant three plants were affected. Everywhere else were the squeaky beat of the wings of Fungus Gnats. The next time I declare something, let it be that I don’t have a penny to my name and I’m not likely to get the Spanish Lottery in my bank account?

So, to battle against this invasion, I bought some stuff called BioNeem. It’s “all natural” and is supposed to knock the pests in question right out with minimal harmful effects. That is provided I don’t breathe it in, wash it right off and don’t get it in any mucus membranes. Charming.

Well, it certainly knocked me out. That’s for darn sure. I sprayed a ratio of 2.5 teaspoons to a pint of water on all the soil surfaces of my plants and, within hours, the number of Fungus Gnats dwindled from several dozen to half a dozen. I saw no further sign of the Cyclamen mites after I drenched the African Violet with the mixture.

The vapors off of this stuff are insane. I had to turn my head and lean back just to breathe. I got the job done though, and that’s what’s important. According to the instructions, I have to wait ten days to spray it all again until I’ve completely eliminated the menace.

In other stuff, I’m still working on that blanket. The expectant mother is now in labor. I’m racing against the clock to get it finished before the new arrival. I love this pattern but, unless it’s for a toddler or older, I’m not going to make it quite so big in the future.

In still more stuff, I got the guilty “I totally should not have bought it” yarn today. It looks lovely and it’s going to make a wonderful afghan. Since I’m effectively on self-punishment until February, it’s going to be one of my few amusements.

In still more news, I finally met my new friend. He came to visit me on Monday last (Labor Day). We had a really great conversation. I look forward to more intellectual discourse with him.

On Tuesday, I went to The Place for the first time to fulfill my intake appointment obligations. All in all, it wasn’t that horrible compared with the bus rides there and home. It was also considerably improved (based on observations) compared with the Day Program I attended under the same auspices. I just hope that nothing at this new place causes my mental state to collapse. :-/

About the only other thing happening here today is the Maternal Parental and I watching Robocop. I’ve seen it before (probably way more than I should have) but the Maternal Parental has only seen it once or twice before and barely had a memory of it. She really liked it. 🙂


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