Busy Day

Today was a very productive day. Now that I’m shaking the last vestiges of antibiotic sleep from my system, I’m getting a lot done.

I am currently in the middle of baking bread. I’m making two more loaves of sandwich bread and I will probably be making rolls as well. It depends on how long it takes me to make the bread and how tired I am at the end of it.

In addition to this, I cleaned up half the kitchen. Did the dishes, partially cleaned the stove and got up a bunch of stuff that was laying around. Next, I’m going to do the laundry for myself and the kitchen, degrease the baking sheet and then clean my room if there’s enough time before 8pm EDT.

On the crafting front, I am almost completed Mike’s left glove. Once my hands are free of flour and cleaner, I’ll probably get back to knitting sometime later tonight. Also on the crafting front, I heard back from that baby’s blanket commission finally. Apparently, socks are also wanted as well as…more crocheted hats. WTF?! Since I’ve got half the materials already, I figured I might as well fulfill this last order but, after this, I’m not doing it. It’ll give me a chance to rebuild my savings over the last order fiasco.

Finally wading back into online chatting this weekend after so long away. I’ve really missed everyone.

Oh yeah, I voted. I got my absentee ballot this afternoon and filled it out right away. Now, I’ve just got to mail it in. I like this kind of voting. No pressure, I was able to carefully consider my options and I don’t have to worry about people looking over my shoulder during the voting process.

Now, I’ve just got to get the rest of my self appointed chores done. Sloth is setting in, so I’d better end this here. Good night, everyone!


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