Random Cacophony

Most of this morning has been dedicated to reading blogs featuring the subject of Polyamory. Through the process of wikiwhacking (wordpresswhacking?), I’ve found quite a few good reads and I’ve been devouring them eagarly. I’ve even found a new book series to look forward to reading once I get my hands on it. Thankfully, the former dearth of information and references related to Polyamory seems to be coming to an end. I’ve been finding a lot of good blogs, articles and resources that weren’t around ten years ago. Thank you, creators: past, present and future who contribute to this wealth of knowledge for our community.


Poly In the Cities

I came across:


Via a blogpost on the above named site, I came across this review of a book series that has really got me stoked to find out more about it.

Through another liking and comment on the 3men1house blog, my comment was liked by the above named author. Either that or a very uncommon name is common on that blog.

From there I stumbled upon:

Kyle Richtig’s blog which is also filled with very good writing.

So, today’s been a good day for literacy.

Aside from that, I’ve been knitting. I’ve got a finger and a glove left on Mike’s gloves before I weave in the ends. After I finish the gloves, I’m going to fast track my friend Ari and my other friend Todd’s parent’s stuff. I have a valid reason for tossing my schedule in the air.

I’ve been invited to a reading of The Glass Menagerie by my friend Todd and I’m hoping at least one of his parents will be there so I can give them their stuff. I’m guessing that Ari will be there, so I can give her the rainbow goodness scarf I started making for her back in September before I got sick.

Other than that chaotica, nothing of substance is happening in the House of KaliTime. So, I’m going to dive into a marathon of Buffy – The Vampire Slayer, Angel and Doctor Who until my eyes can’t take it anymore.

For now though, it’s back to knitting. 🙂

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