Finished Mike’s Handschuhe!!!!!

My German is so rusty. I think that’s “gloves”.

May I present to you, Mike’s gloves or 1/3 of the Handschuhe Times Three project.

It took me longer than necessary to make these but they are made with much love and affection for my good friend.

RIght now, I’m working on the Bruce portion of the projects I’m doing. Currently, I’m knitting up a hat because I’ll likely either see Bruce himself or someone who can get things to Bruce in a week’s time. I’m hoping to get the hat done in two day’s time or less but, being realistic, it’ll probably take me four days of constant knitting. If not for laziness, the gloves only take me about two days to make, maybe less if I’m rushing. Hopefully, I can get all this done in record quick time so I can finish the two “Windows For My Friends” scarves.

A little reminder…

The end of all this knitting and crocheting for others is in sight. I can’t wait until I’m able to do for myself again without the pressing need to craft for others. No offense intended. I love you all. I’m just exhausted. ❤


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