Dresses? What?!

Big shock, I am getting dresses in January or February. Thanks to the wonderful recommendation of my friend, I am going to OneStopPlus to get said dresses once I get paid for a commission.

I’m sure it’s crossed your mind, as it has mine, what a Tomboy like me would want with dresses? The best I can reckon is that, in my old age, I’m growing some femininity. This is a most reluctant, embarassing and painful process, I can assure you. Nevertheless, this femininity is asserting itself in my life in sneaky ways. Just a few months ago, I bought…perfume. It’s called Alien. I’ve also been drifting mentally to the idea of buying nail polish for the first time in almost twenty years. What’s next? Make up? Ew. O_O

I don’t know what’s happening with me. Maybe it’s some sort of pre-midlife crisis or something? In truth, I don’t even know where to begin with this type of clothing. I mean, I know that I don’t want anything too ostentatious or revealing. Beyond that, I’m stuck.

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Double V Maxi Dress
  2. Dress with crinkle pleats in A-line w/convertible 3/4 sleeves
  3. Dress in maxi length with crochet trim
  4. Knit button front dress has floral embroidery
  5. Deep Blues Tie-Dye Maxi Dress
  6. Thermal Knit A-line dress
  7. Smocked Sweater Dress
  8. Mockneck Dress
  9. Denim sleeveless A-line Dress
  10. Corduroy sleeveless A-line dress

I probably like more things on that portal but I only went to page six of the dresses page. This femininity thing is weird. o_O

Anyone have any experience with this? Suddenly mentally bursting out in a different direction with regards to fashion and style choices?


8 thoughts on “Dresses? What?!

  1. delayed teen years? i’m a tomboy too, but i find i have to plan when i wear a dress and dress up it takes a bloody long time to get ready


    • your telling me until i hit 26 i had no interest in lacy underwear or costumes. the age i am now its like i have no idea why i want more nice under garments , i am very picky with dresses, there are times i got to have a dress on and a decent pair of trousers even if it clashes i don’t care. It doesn’t mean your going girly just finding and exploring another element of yourself.

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    • I never expected this to hit me. I used to use nail polish for arts and crafts. Make up for war paint when I was joking around with my friends.

      I think I had one or two dresses during my entire teenagehood. I used to do the dress and pants thing too. 🙂


  2. I do some shopping at One Stop Plus. Some of the polyester knit stuff is kind of stiff, and I would advise against anything that’s button front at the top. It tends to gap on large breasted women. You might want to check Holy Clothing, too. Their stuff is made of fabric that feels good, and is priced better than most of the One Stop Plus items. http://holyclothing.com

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    • You’re actually where I got the link from. You’d left it in a comment on an old post I read today. I will definitely check out Holy Clothing too. 🙂


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