Happy Carl Sagan Day!!!!

Today is Carl Sagan’s birthday. In honor of today, I’m going to enjoy the science-y goodness that is Cosmos: A Personal Voyage via YouTube. Right now, I’m listening to Symphony of Science videos as I knit. I figure the 13+ hours of Cosmos ought to be enough time for me to knit this hat for Bruce.

It’s my hope that I can also further the advancement of Science in some way.

Not much else is happening today. The Maternal Parental has visitors that I’m trying to avoid at all costs. I don’t feel like hearing comments about my views or eyebrows today.

I did have a grapefruit a few days ago. So, I haven’t been able to take my medication for a few days. My medications are both contraindicated for grapefruit. So far, I’m not feeling any effects beyond a growing depression. Hopefully, I can take it before it gets any more potent.

May I just say, one more time, that grapefruit is a vile a nasty invention of nature never meant to be eaten by rational thinking beings. I will NEVER venture to eat the flesh of that cirtrus fruit from hell again unless I am truly brought to deperation by the lowest of circumstances.

If there be any other citrus fruit even half as nasty, please tell me now in the comments.

Oh yeah, as soon as the Maternal Parental’s guests leave, I’m going to watch The Time of the Doctor with her. I finally managed to get her to look at The Day of the Doctor. It was very Timey Wimey for her but she liked it. I haven’t seen The Time of the Doctor myself yet, so I hope there are not demonic references in this one as it normally sends her packing.

Okay, back to knitting.


4 thoughts on “Happy Carl Sagan Day!!!!

    • Yes, today is Carl Sagan’s birthday. He would have been 80 years old today.

      No, but I’m not sure which is worse, the evil aunt or JW elders trying to recruit. They’re watching this blog too. So, I fully expect this to get back to them somehow. I posted something on one of my blogs and they came knocking on the door a few days later once.

      I have no interest in joining their organization.


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