It’s a Knitting Marathon…

I started this hat on 7 November and I’m currently a little under halfway through it. If I want to get it finished before my deadline, I must knit for the rest of today, with minimal breaks, until it’s completed. Then I have the gloves and two scarves to get through also before a deadline. I’m going to focus on the hat, gloves and one of the scarves completion. The other scarf can be mailed. Less stress for me and everyone I’m seeing gets their finished items.

Aside from this groovy happening, I was considering giving my new therapist at The Place a piece off of my Snake Plant. Just one problem. The day I’m going is going to be bitingly cold. I think I’ll ask her first and then take it to her once it’s fully established in a new pot.

In the news of Science-y goodness. Rosetta has successfully landed the Philae lander on Comet 67P. Way to go, ESA!


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