Hat Half Done

I’m not giving up but I am taking a slower lane. I’ve been knitting like a fanatic over the past few days and I’ve got quite a bit done but it’s just not going to be enough to finish all this stuff by tomorrow night. So, I’m mailing them their stuff as it gets finished. I’m tired. My hands hurt and I can barely see during most of my knitting experience owing to the yarn being very dark in color. In truth, I’ve been feeling my way through the knitting more than seeing where I’m putting the needlepoints. This has led to split yarn on more than one occasion and…this stuff is expensive.

So, tomorrow, I’m going to enjoy the show. I’m going to knit and crochet at a much slower pace and then I’m going to mail it once it’s done via Priority Mail. Since we’re all in the Baltimore area, they should get it within two days. This means I get sleep now. Ahhhhhhh!

Today has been rather productive though. I’m into the K6P2 ribbing of the hat and almost finished with skein of yarn number two.

I haven’t done much else today except knit.

Wait, I did manage to finally get my friend Lotta’s package ready for shipping. They’re coming to take it away tomorrow. USPS is coming, that is. I’m hoping that it gets there within the six to ten day timeframe with no problems. I finally have that space the box formerly took up back in my room.

I’m going to take another nap and then get right back to knitting, albeit at a slower pace. I want to have the third skein of yarn connected to this hat by tonight. Later! Zzzzzzz….. 🙂


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