Finished Bruce’s Hat!!!!!

Surprisingly, this hat looks smaller in the picture than it actually is. At 144 cast on stitches, it is an extra large hat. Regardless of how it looks, I’m happy to have finally completed it. For right now, I’m taking a small break from knitting, so I can rest my hands.

Instead, I’m going to be working on the Windows For My Friends scarves. I haven’t touched the scarf I started for my friend since 12 September when I first got sick with the Flu. So, I’ll do one scarf, then knit a pair of gloves for Bruce, do a second scarf, knit Mike’s hat and then, I can get to working on my own gloves and hat because it’s cold outside. The pictured scarf is for my friend, Ari. I hope she likes it.

I’m not sure if Dark Hexagonals are even remembered but I’ll be working on this again in between working on that commission. I’m sticking to this plan, hence my writing it all down. So, it’s going to go like this:

  1. Baby’s Blanket
  2. Five more hexagons
  3. Two hats
  4. Five more hexagons
  5. Two hats
  6. Five more hexagons
  7. Two hats
  8. Five more hexagons
  9. Two hats
  10. Pair of socks
  11. Two hats
  12. Pair of socks

Thankfully, I’m not knitting all of this. Most of it is going to be crocheted. In the cases where I am knitting, it’s worsted/aran weight yarn I’m using.

On the subject of quizzes and online tests:

Thanks to my friend, William, I took this test online. I was quite amused with the results, so I’m sharing the above with you all. The test is called the Flexuality Test and it may be found here.

Last but not least, I’ve been updating my OK Cupid profile. If you’re interested in seeing it, please, log in and have a peek. 🙂


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