Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

From me at KaliTime’s Growing Lunacy, to you wherever you are. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Today gives me an opportunity to reflect on what I’m thankful for everyday. That’s my good friends and family, my capacity to learn and grow and my acquisition of the basic necessities for survival and thriving in this world. Anything else is gravy. Anything bad can roll off of my back. So, I’m good.

I did most of the cooking overnight, so I woke up to a feast. The only thing I didn’t cook were the sweet potatoes. I am about to bake a cake though. Yummy.

I’m saving every bone and flap of skin, every rogue piece of meat in that turkey though. I’m going to make soup with the remains. If I can get a pie pan soon enough, I’ll make a pot pie as well. I’ve got plenty of vegetables for it.

I just heard a bit of funny news. Not funny “Ha ha” but funny “WTAF”. Apparently, the ever growing commission can’t pay me again next month. This is after I ordered even more yarn for an enlargement of the order at their request. Good thing I got all the yarn on sale. I will finish the commission and I will hold onto it until I get paid.

That’s another thing I’m very thankful for. My savvy at getting stuff at a cheap price. If I had bought the yarn required for the order at a full price, I would have been livid on finding out I wasn’t being paid yet again. This is the last time though. I’m not going through this again as I’m sick of my chain being yanked. I don’t mean to brag but I’m a competent knitter and crocheter. It may not be Eunny Jang level knitting or Kristin Omdahl level crocheting, but it’s good. So, when a person doesn’t appreciate that I’m taking time away from other projects and my life to knit and/or crochet them items, I am, understandably angry.

Well, I was angry. I’m not anymore because it’s not happening again.

Last, but certainly not least. Today is the thirty-sixth anniversary of the assassination of Harvey Milk and George Moscone. I am thankful for all the hard work put forth by those who came before me, like Harvey Milk and George Moscone, and hope that I may make the way easier for those coming after me in generations to come. Both men stood up, not only for LGBT rights, but for the Human rights that should be respected for all and for that I salute them.


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