I Came Out As Polyamorous Today

Hello, World!

I mean, I haven’t exactly been secretive about it but nor have I been all “in your face” about it either. I suppose today was my happy medium between those spheres of existence.

The person I came out to was my therapist. I gave her a copy of “What Psychology Professionals Should Know About Polyamory” and I also answered any questions she had for me personally or about Polyamory in general. She seemed intrigued and receptive to learning more and not judgmental at all. I suppose time will tell with that one though.

Now that I’ve disclosed this information, I feel relieved. I didn’t like using subterfuge to mask parts of my life. Especially considering its parts that are so important to me.

On the crocheting and knitting fronts, I’ve got a few more yards to go for Ari’s scarf. I should have it done by tonight for sure. After that, I’m going to get a hat started, so I can take it out with me for a project when next I go out.

It was quite chilly today. I need to bust through these projects so I can get to making my own stuff before it gets too cold to go out. My hands were freezing today.

Oh yeah! I finally got a new thermometer! It only took me eighteen years of using the same thermometer I got from the cool Nurse at my old high school. This is the Braun Thermoscan 5 and it’s an ear thermometer, so no more “under the tongue” crap. It’s nice, fast reading and it’s easy to use, so the Maternal Parental should have no issue with taking her own temperature.

I figured after the last illness fiasco, I should get some certain items in the house. At the top of that list was an ear thermometer and a huge bottle of ibuprofen, check. Next on the list is a first aid kit replacement. Considering how much some kits cost, I might just buy the items individually and put my own kit together. 🙄

I might as well admit it now. I got more yarn. It was all going fine and dandy until… Knit Picks. KP and their damned sale with 84% off of their yarns.


I’m weak. Yes, I am.

I got the following:

  1. Nickel Pltd FC US 5 (3.75mm)16in
  2. Carnival Chroma Fingering
  3. *Diamond Diadem Color Injection
  4. Emerald Diadem Color Injection
  5. Winter Night Gloss
  6. Wine Tasting Stroll Tonal

I needed a new set of 16in circulars to make hats with. So, that’s justified. I wanted to replace the hank of yarn that got tangled up beyond all salvaging. That’s Stroll Tonal – Wine Tasting. I want to make the Bigger on the Inside shawl, so that sort of justifies Gloss – Winter Night but the rest is just me losing my mind. Really. 😥


I think I need a yarn intervention. o_O

Okay, that’s enough typing. Back to work I go! 😀


6 thoughts on “I Came Out As Polyamorous Today

  1. I’m glad you came out. I knew I had a shrink i could work with when I came out of the broom closet to him.

    It’s a lot cheaper to buy first aid supplies than a pre-made kit. The kits usually have stuff you’ll never use and not enough of the stuff you will.

    As for the yarn whore stuff, sometimes you should break your resolutions if you can afford it. 84% off the usual price sounds like one of those times. However, you might consider waiting longer than you’d planned before you buy more.

    You are going to post the Tardis shawl as you go along on it, aren’t you?

    I’m getting sleepy again, so I should go.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! It really is a weight off of my shoulders, coming out. Thanks for your support.

      I’m getting that. I go through bandages like water but hardly ever use some stuff. I think I’ll load up on the ibuprofen and bandages and lay off of the other stuff.

      Yarn o_O

      I will definitely post the TARDIS shawl.

      Your sleep must be contagious. I’m exhausted now.


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