Mike’s Hat In The Making

Say hello to Hut Von Mike die Schlafmütze or Hat of Mike the Sleepyhead.

I am presently ten rounds into the knitting of this hat and have hopes of finishing it by the end of the week. Ha ha ha ha ha.

It feels nice to be making progress after so long stuck in a sick rut. Last night, I just listened to music and knitted much to my own joy. I love crafting.

Speaking of crafting, I got the yarn for the Bigger On The Inside shawl today. 880 yards of Gloss in the colorway Winter Night. I had a chance to look at some of the other projects on Ravelry and I really like the stitch definition as well as the colorway when this yarn is knitted up. Drape was hard to ascertain but it looked like a good one from the pictures I saw. I’m considering getting some beads to make the TARDIS lantern and this would be my first time knitting with beads. I don’t even know what kind of beads to get. LOL

First thing’s first. Get all the current projects and commissions off the board before I start speculating on any other projects.

Going back to the hat, I’m in the process of switching needles. My cheapo needles will stab me for the last time tonight! I got a pair of 16″ circulars from Knit Picks and I look for them to hold up much better without filing down to a sharpened point at the tip. Hopefully, this will lead to even faster knitting potentials with much less blood loss. Time and practice will tell though.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go knit. 🙂


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