Thank Goodness For Chase Brexton

I am so exhausted. I’ve been up since 4am and traveling since before 6:30am to make what turned out to be a futile appointment up in Reisterstown. Not for me, understand, but for the Maternal Parental.

For as long as I can remember, the Maternal Parental has had dental issues. She got the first of her teeth pulled when I was very small and has been losing teeth regularly since then. At present, she’s down to her last 7.5 teeth. I say 7.5 because one broke off the other day. This is where the rude and unhelpful medical service comes into play. I’d heard about a local medical facility that offered no cost dental extractions for those who qualify. Well, the Maternal Parental qualifies, definitely. So, we got up well before dawn and started traveling from where we live, out to Reisterstown, Maryland (closer to Glyndon) so she could, hopefully, be seen. We got to the location at 7:38 precisely and I rang the doorbell for the site. A very nice gentleman explained that the health facility was set up in the back and asked us to walk around to the back parking lot. Thinking that the Maternal Parental might finally have some relief, we obliged happily.

We got around back and met a man coming out of the back of the place and asked him if this were the place we were looking for. He said yes but that we might not be seen as there were already people ahead of us. He told us to try anyway though, and we thanked him for his help and hoped that we could somehow get the Maternal Parental seen that day. When we went in, we asked the two ladies who seem to be in charge about the possibility of being seen and were rudely rebuffed.

My mom, not understanding the process of selection, thought we’d called and made an appointment and one of the women rudely said, “Well, we don’t take appointments!” in a snappy voice as though she were admonishing a child. So, I’m getting pissed but remaining polite and the Maternal Parental is getting, understandably upset at the treatment. The Maternal Parental brought up their phone message, which states that eight people would be seen that day and was told, “Well, we already sent two people back” in a snappy voice before the woman further condescended to us both by holding up her fingers reiterating the number of people meant to be seen while explaining rudely that only six people were going to be seen that day and that some people had waited since 1am for dental work.

I then politely tried to end the whole debaucle by asking about the next possible time as advertised on their website, that being the 23rd. In a huff, I was told that they weren’t coming back to that location until January 6th. Wanting to end the whole experience, I thanked them both for their consideration and wished them both a Merry Christmas. No reply. The Maternal Parental was adamant about not going back over the rude treatment she received and I’m inclined to agree. It’ll take a while but we’re going to save up and go to Chase Brexton instead. I just hope her broken off tooth doesn’t develop an infection while we’re saving up.

Now, I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. I don’t know how long they were on site. They could have been there from 1am. I don’t know what’s going on in their lives as they could have any number of stressors running rampant in their personal lives. Still, do you really have to reply to people asking basic questions about a service you’re supposed to provide in so undignified a manner? No one was rude to them. Heck, people are showing up and grateful for the free care considering the cost of dental work in Maryland. I don’t know, it’s just been weighing heavily on my mind all day since it happened.

Thank goodness for Chase Brexton.


2 thoughts on “Thank Goodness For Chase Brexton

  1. I believe Howard University dental school does inexpensive dental care. The students get to practice under very close supervision, the patients get cheap (and most up to date) dental care.

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