While I’m Waiting For The Maternal Parental…

…I’m going to update the world on a few things because you all just have to know. :-p

I was doing wonderfully, swimmingly well with the Hobbes pattern for With a Little Help From My Friend Called Hobbes when the horrifying happened. I ran out of orange yarn. I knew it was going to happen, yet I was still sad and mad when it did finally occur. You see, I had gotten pretty far into the pattern by that point.

That’s right. Half of the head was completed when I ran out of the one color I needed. Thankfully, my friend who commissioned this to be made is getting more yarn today. I should have this little guy completed by the weekend.

Since I didn’t have that project to do, but still had the burning desire to crochet, I got to work on another pattern. Called Buddy Bear, I made this one for the Maternal Parental and gave her the naming rights. She called it Buttons The Bear after its Darice black button eyes.

I really put a lot into this one and worked through the night on it. It took me a little under twelve hours to make.

Then, I decided to make something for myself. So, I went with a pattern called Best Bunny and named it Bunny Bun Bun. So far, I’ve gotten most of it except for the legs, arms and tail complete.

I’m getting pretty sleepy now. I think I’ll lay down for a bit and then get back up to work some more. Then, I’m going to watch Knitting Daily, which I acquired rather cheaply for $5.88 plus shipping. Later, all. 🙂


2 thoughts on “While I’m Waiting For The Maternal Parental…

    • Thanks!

      Hopefully, my friend Todd will bring the yarn today. I’m itching to see it finished as well. Just one problem. He got Red Heart Soft Touch yesterday rather than the Red Heart with Wool most of the doll is made with. This is going to be pretty interesting. LOL


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