Finished The Cosmos Practice Doily!!!!!!

I like this pattern as it’s a challenge but I did have trouble with some of it.

For my own future notes:

Round 5 – The treble crochet cluster stitches are a monster. Gently wriggle the hook through these if you want to keep your hook…and your eyes protected from flying broken hook heads.

Round 8 – Very confusing to read but written correctly. Pay close attention to detail on this round.

Round 11 (Setup round for Round 12) After doing the three treble crochets with the chain 3 on either side, be sure to do SEVEN consecutive chain five, single crochets BEFORE you do the next three treble crochets with a chain 3 on either side. Anything else will cause nightmares.

Round 12 – Remember the mnemonic: “First comes the queen, then the king”. In essence, first comes the more elaborate treble crochet grouping (Queen), then the chain 5 single crochets twice in the loops, then the less elaborate treble crochet grouping (King), then two more chain 5, single crochet twice in the loops.

The pattern actually isn’t complicated, excepting those parts. Just a lot of trebles, chains and single crochets with a few double crochets and slip stitches thrown in for good measure.

Next up on my agenda, I will start The Cosmos Doily Madness. Then, later, I will knit some on the Hut Von Mike die Schlafmütze as my hands need rest from using the small hook.


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