Three Week Agenda

Just my luck. kRaMpZ and a cold at the same time.

Trying to accentuate the positive in this. Erm, coming up blank. Being ill is not fun and there is no positive. There is only sufferance.

The current symptoms are (thankfully) mild (compared with yesterday) kRaMpZ, a stuffy nose, a headache, fever, bodily aches and pains, sore throat, lack of appetite and exhaustion. Some of these are undoubtedly related to kRaMpZ and others are squarely in the cold and flu camp. I wish they’d all take a running leap.

Today’s and, by extension, the following three week’s agenda. Finishing all those projects from last year. I am going to be working with Hut Von Mike die Schlafmütze most of today. I’m hoping not to sneeze all over it and get it finished by tonight. Admittedly, I got sick of doing the K2P2 ribbing and cut it short by about half an inch. It’s long enough though. I’m really just going to spend the day listening to random music and knitting. If I don’t get this hat finished by midnight, I’m dragging it with me into the next day’s agenda. I really hope I get it finished today though.

If I should finish the hat, the next thing I’m working on is the Little Boy Blue Blanket. It’s the only technically portable project I have of the different things that carried over from last year. Everything else is either too delicate or too many pieces and I have multiple doctor’s appointments to go to over the next week. You’ll be seeing me on the bus and in various waiting rooms knitting and/or crocheting my fingers to the bone. Provided I can get a seat that is. 😦

Well, this hat won’t knit itself. I’d better get back to it. Later.


2 thoughts on “Three Week Agenda

  1. Congrats! How *terribly* efficient to combine two miseries.

    Seriously, I hope you feel better, soon. Flu and/or heavy duty cold is no joke.

    Gentle hugs and hot chicken soup. ❤

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