While I’m Awake and Not Busy

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words. We spent nine hours in the ER, waiting for some type of diagnosis or for my mom to be checked in if it was serious enough. Thankfully, it wasn’t nearly as dire as I thought it was. The Maternal Parental’s muscles in her back were the problem. No Cancer or blood clots or anything else except her Emphysema flaring up at the same time. I am worried for her suffering from so much pain but I am also so relieved. The Doctor said it will take some time to heal but that the muscles should heal themselves within a few week’s time.


I want to especially thank my friend and protégé, Todd. With no thought to his own business, he came and stayed with us the entire night. I really have no way to thank him enough for that as I was losing my mind by that point and my mom was in so much pain. By being there for us, he kept me out of the Inpatient psych ward from massive anxiety and my mom focused on something other than her pain. Thank you!


I’ve got to go fix dinner now. Later, Earthlings! Rolling on the floor laughing


4 thoughts on “While I’m Awake and Not Busy

    • I’m glad too. Thanks for your concern. *hug*

      I don’t know how it would have gone if Todd hadn’t shown up. I was definitely losing it.


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