Progress on Rainstorm II

Admittedly, I haven’t been knitting as much as I could have. Even so, I think I’ve made good progress.


I am hoping to have a pair of socks by the end of the week. Which, I can assure you, at my present rate is quite hilarious. I’ll manage somehow.


However, tonight I am taking a break from knitting to rest my index finger and read Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It’s such a short book, I feel obligated to finish it in one night’s reading. I’m on page 100 right now, which leaves me 465 pages to go. I like it so far. I’m a Horticulture nerd, so the beginning didn’t bore me like I’ve heard it bored others. That’s all I’ll allude to without giving you spoilers. Nerd smile


Today was unusual in that I fertilized my plants today. It’s the first feeding of the year. I figured, the Sun is shining on them for longer periods of time, they’re going to need something to draw on if they’re going to grow to their full potentials. I fertilized everything except for the plants downstairs, the plants in the bathroom and the pineapple/Minneola tangelo seed potential. Yes, it’s much earlier than I’d intended on fertilizing but, with the way they’re all shooting up, I figured they were all early growers/bloomers. Red rose


The Saintpaulia leaves I propagated a few days ago are holding up well in the makeshift greenhouse I’ve created for them. Well done me. I’m hoping that, within two month’s time, I’ll have some new babies to separate. By then, I should have several more. I’m quite addicted to African Violets now. Even the pink ones have their appeal and I find the color pink to be hideous in most other circumstances. You’d certainly never catch me wearing it but you might catch me buying a ruffled pink Saintpaulia plant.


That’s enough rambling. Now, for some book reading! Rolling on the floor laughingRed heartRainbow


4 thoughts on “Progress on Rainstorm II

    • I’ve been slowly catching up with everyone over the past week and a half. I have a backlog of e-mails you wouldn’t believe. I still haven’t addressed FetLife e-mails yet.

      I should be caught up by tomorrow.

      Did you hear about Leonard Nimoy?


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