Finish It!!!



Say hello to my two newest friends. Bookcases One and Two took me less than three hours total time to assemble and, I have to say it, they’re wonderful.


In truth, I needed them because my room was a lesson in chaos. I had DVDs and Blu-rays stacked against my closet door and books stacked on a stand in one corner of my room. Now, I have organization and I love it. With the installation of the bookcases, my head feels so much clearer. Sun



Now, down to business. This doily is getting completed on or before the seventeenth. I was ill (again) with a cold and allergies and couldn’t crochet during that time. So, I’m going to spend all of tonight listening to music and crocheting. Hopefully, I’ll make some headway with the doily. If all goes well, I’ll get a wing done by the end of tonight and another done by the end of the day.


Incidentally, I found the yarn for that commission. Now all I’ve got to do is convince the intended recipient of the $35.00USD worth of the gloves. Considering the formula standard used for pricing knitted and crocheted objects, she’s getting it for cheap. Most of the people I’ve come across double the price of the yarn (assuming the crafter is acquiring it) plus time and labor. Oddly enough, no one ever wants to pay this. Crafting. It’s a labor of love. Crying face


Onto other topics. My Spring Crazy has been unleashed. I transplanted/made cuttings of my Pelargoniums and Coleus. I finally also got rid of the main Coleus pot from last year. Specifically the plants, the pot was reused for Pelargoniums. Right now, I have a sea of Pelargoniums sitting on and around my windowsills. I’m really hopeful that they’ll grow.


I know I should have done this stuff weeks ago but the bug to do it just hit me. I’m just hopeful that the Pelargoniums take root/survive the transplant shock.


One thing I cannot wait to get is a Golden Pothos plant. Hopefully, I’ll find one cheap at the supermarket before it closes its doors for good in April. Bookcase One is in a very sunny location in my room and is an ideal spot for such a plant. Though, I’d better go on the prowl for containers to prevent water getting on Bookcase One. Red rose


That’s enough whining. Now, for me to get to work. Later, Earthlings! Rolling on the floor laughingRed heartRainbow


9 thoughts on “Finish It!!!

  1. New bookcases are wonderful. For about 5 seconds, you feel like they will end your clutter problems. Then you realize that, like many things, stuff to put in bookcases multiplies to fill them faster than you can acquire them or find space for them. almost like wire coat hangers on the closet floor.

    The coffee table topper is beautiful!

    Your plants sound lovely. What I used to do to protect surfaces was hit the thrift store and pick up some pretty bowls, which I used for saucers under the plants. You can pick up mismatched china for practically nothing.

    It’s cloudy here, and my throat is threatening to act up. Sounds like a great time for a nap. The nap hating little kid in me is confused.

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    • They’re still good. I’m better able to cull my collections now that I can actually see what’s there. Before it was in piles and stacks.

      Thank you!

      I would visit the thrift store for bowls but for two things: Space is at a premium in my room and the only thrift store near me pays slave wages to disabled people. I will never set foot in there again.

      I’m going to get some plastic food containers from Amazon. The tops make good saucers and the bottoms make good mini greenhouses.

      Naps are quite good. Don’t knock them. Just enjoy them. :p


  2. I used to have a bookcase full of books, VHS/DVDs, etc. But due to constantly having to move to different places, all of my stuff have been in boxes for a long time. 😮

    Even now that I have been sort of, semi-long term, living here, I no longer have the space to setup my stuff. o_O

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