Blogging U’s Writing 101

I am doing a series of writing assignments. I found this cool e-mail in my Blogs folder alluding to something called The Return of Writing 101. I signed up for it.


Two reason I signed up for it are:


1. I’m not doing anything else during that time.

2. I want the collaborative practice and help to improve my writing skills.


It seems like it’ll be fun to do. Kind of like the old assignments they used to give at the Pimlico Branch 21 Library for Summer Reading contests. Every Summer, we’d be given blank cards to keep track of the books we’d read. So, of course being me at nine years old, I went into overdrive and read a sizable number of books. Not little books either but good sized books with some heft to them. The Librarian, Mrs. Peterson, was in shock to the point where her jaw hit the floor on seeing my entry sheet.


Of course, they tested me on seeing my sheet and, of course I had a memory of every book I’d read. I would have read more too if I hadn’t gotten hung up on a book called The Ghost of Ballyhooly. I got a very nice, cheap watch out of that for my participation. Ah, memories.


So, with no thought of reward beyond the reward of satisfaction at completing a task set before me, I’m going into this. I just hope I can come out on the other side with my sanity intact because, this isn’t reading. This is writing. This isn’t filling, this is delving and dredging up things in uncomfortable corners of the mind. I think I’m up to it.


Later, Earthlings! Rolling on the floor laughingRed heartRainbow


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