Now I’m In Trouble

I just got the welcoming e-mail from WordPress for the Writing 101 thing. Should my belly be doing somersaults like this or what?


All I can do is my best. *deep breathing into a paper bag*


I posted a brief introduction to the potentially thousands of people participating in this. It’s even gotten a few likes. I just hope I can keep the momentum of excitement up when it comes to my writing. I’ll also have to remember to tag everything done in assignment as “writing101”.


I’m both giddy and nervous right now but I’m going to knock back the nervousness and allow the giddiness to run a little rampant. I haven’t been involved in a constructive writing class since I was in college. This really is very exciting. Rolling on the floor laughing


My short term goal with this is to complete it admirably and honorably. My long term goal is…: NaNoWriMo. *suspense music*


I’ve talked it over with my therapist and, unlike Airhead, she has full confidence in my abilities based on her reading the infamous life changing letter I wrote. So, to someone college and medical school educated, I’ve got the chops to write. I just have to do it.


I haven’t been up to much else today. Just going over some of the story I wrote last night. I’m really hoping I can finish this one. I like the premise and there aren’t nearly enough stories about Polyamorous relationships out there. So sayeth I. Anyway.


I did manage to temporarily pot the Tangelo seedlings and now I have to read more about their habits.

There are four coming up. One is still mostly beneath the soil while the other three have sprouted out. I really hope they don’t get too big. I would love to have fruit without having to move to Florida or some such place.


In the realm of Crocheting, I’m a little further along on the October Rust Birthday Shawl. I’m presently at twenty one rows.

I love this pattern. It’s called the Top-Down Shawl and it was written by Nazanin S. Fard. It’s so relaxing, once you get into the groove of the chain one vs double crochet repeats. Starting it off is a little frustrating but, thankfully, it doesn’t take up many rows before you’re into the cakewalk part. I’ve been doing this pattern mostly while watching movies or YouTube videos. My compliments to the designer.


The yarn I’m using is Knit Picks Swish Tonal yarn in the colorway Wine Tasting. I bought it specifically to make this shawl and it’s turning out perfect. I’m glad I bought it when I did because, shortly after I got it, they discontinued the line. I’m hoping to have enough left over to make a pair of matching gloves.


Okay, that’s enough blogging for right now. I’ve got creative writing and crocheting to do.


Later, Peoples of the Sun! Rolling on the floor laughingRed heartRainbow


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