Briefest Story I Could Manage

Today’s writing prompt was like pulling healthy teeth. I was supposed to write a story about an encounter with a letter, opting to be as brief about it as I could in words. Without this introduction, the word count for this story clocks in at 259 words. That’s not too bad. Probably could be better though.


It is a bright, hot summer day. I stumble along my path, aching to breathe and dying of thirst. Just as I am considering going home to my air conditioning and water, an envelope catches my eye. At first, I think to ignore it but curiosity gets the better of me as, wheezing, I stoop to grab the letter. It has no address or markings of any kind but it’s clearly filled with paper. Carefully, I open the envelope and read the letter.


It’s a letter from a soldier’s sweetheart to a soldier serving overseas. I ascertain the name of the people and, carefully returning the letter to its envelope, race home to contact the military so the letter might be returned to its rightful owner. Once I get home, I search the web for a contact at the military so that I might give them the letter. On obtaining the information, I breath a nervous sigh as I contact the military liaison. As I live close to the liaison’s offices, the man agrees to come to my house to pick up the letter in an hour’s time.


Nervously, I spruce up the place and clear the dust and cobwebs from my bachelorette pad. Hot and sweaty from the day, I take a shower as soon as I’ve finished cleaning and find I have ten anxious minutes to spare once I am ready. Taking the letter out of my backpack, I lay it down on the coffee table and sigh just as someone knocks at the door.


The end. Rolling on the floor laughingRed heartRainbow


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