Update On The Birthday Shawl

As you can see, I’ve been quite busy. I went from ten completed rows to twenty-nine. The October Rust Birthday Shawl is coming along quite well in my opinion. In all honesty, I am hoping to have it completed by the end of this month, which would fit quite nicely with my schedule.


I have been alternating crocheting this shawl and writing the Untitled Melusine Gordon story while listening to music during the nighttime hours. An odd thing for me, I haven’t felt the urge to turn the television on these past few weeks. That really does make a change from what I’m used to doing. The television is usually my default background noise or high altar depending on what’s on it at the time. Yet, within the past few weeks, I’ve hardly had it on. I’ve been getting my news from the Breaking News App and my weather reports from Accuweather’s App. Could this be one more thing that aging has changed for me? Confused smile


Last night into early this morning, I eliminated the adverbs from a part of the as yet untitled Melusine Gordon story. All these years, I’ve been writing with adverbs and weakening my stories in the process. That changes now and it’s thanks to last night’s writing assignment. I will complete the first draft of the story I’m working on now but, in future revisions, I will be eliminating as many adverbs as possible. They are now the enemy to my writing.


Tomorrow, I’m considering filming my first proper vlog. I am still unsure about just what I’m going to put in it but tomorrow has presented itself as a good time to do it. I might read from one of my books for part of it. I’m partial to my one Ellis Peters book, The Virgin In The Ice, as a potential filler. It’s semi-historical and it’s a mystery as well as being a very good read. Well, I’ve got the rest of today and early tomorrow morning to figure it out. The finished video should be live by tomorrow night. What on Earth am I getting myself into? *sigh* Embarrassed smile


The thing is, I’ve bought the stuff to film with, so I might as well do it. Wish me luck!


Later, Peoples of the Sun! Rolling on the floor laughingRed heartRainbow


8 thoughts on “Update On The Birthday Shawl

  1. i wouldn’t know if its aging that has caused you to get your stuff from aps but i don’t watch actual tv anymore, just streaming and when i have access to my dvd collection i’ll have some dvd’s to see again. i didn’t accept dvd’s or cd’s til 2004, i’m sure its wrong but i miss my rank arena tv it was made in 1977 , i even have good old video tapes of my doctor who episodes waiting for my return plus the multi-region dvd/vcr player. i get my weather updates from a website and looking outside. i’m surprisingly anti-some technology. don’t fear its not old age, i’ve been old in the head in some areas since i was little. *hug*

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    • I have the television on now, out of guilt, but I’m not really looking at it. Some good programs are coming on over the next few days. I plan on watching them.

      Like you, I have a large media collection (mainly DVDs and digital videos) to watch, as well as CDs and mp3s to listen to. Outside of Public Television, I don’t watch much tv.

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  2. with dvd’s you can pause them when you need to go and do something, tv you can’t pause and it has irrelevant ads. who’s guilting you into having your tv on? i actually miss having a radio i liked falling a sleep listening to late night live on radio national. do you actually listen to audio stories? space programs and scandinavian cooking?

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    • I’m guilting myself. I paid for it LOL.

      I listen to some audio stories. I listened to Reign of Terror a few years ago and liked it. I keep meaning to swing by the Library for more stuff to listen to.

      I have a very varied palate when it comes to viewing tastes.


  3. doctor who audio stories are great, but its like peter d never left, they are bringing back matthew waterhouse as adric , although they ‘re-cast’ adric to an old guy for one story. i have things on video tape that are not available on dvd , funny how an old ‘relic’ technology i miss. i’ll have to carefully and gently get the videos converted to dvd. Do you highly recommend Reign of Terror?

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    • Yes, I do recommend it. It’s like you’re actually there in the French Revolution if a Timelord, two teachers and a student from another world were dropped into it.

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  4. i think it would be fantastic if they used the audio tracks from the black and white era and turned them into audio stories with good sound effects. one day i’ll end up writing the doctor who story : the finnish companion , i haven’t found the right ‘outfit’ to put colin’s head on yet because i think his dr would survive the hardness of here. i will have to look for reign of terror, as i’ve not see the actual episode *cough* (thanks bbc for closing down the site i could of seen it on), i got the book in storage not read it a second time.

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