My First Formal Vlog. Yay!

First vlog. Yay!


I finally did it. I finally put a vlog up on YouTube that features me for an extended period of time. *cringe*


I am so exhausted right now. I need a new computer or a faster processor on the one I have. I’ve uploaded larger files from my phone at a quicker rate. Still, it’s done. Now that I’ve completed this task, I can go do some writing and then some crocheting.


Later! Rolling on the floor laughingRed heartRainbow


2 thoughts on “My First Formal Vlog. Yay!

  1. I do love fairytales! And while I’ve heard them with many of the elements of Melusine and Raymond, I’ve not run across that particular story.

    For a first vlog, ya did good. Your voice is pleasant, the “room of doom” is a good background, and you had command of the screen.

    Here come the “howevers”:

    There was this buzz under the entire vlog. It was annoying, and took me close to half of the vlog to ignore. Now, I will admit that the sound was in the range that is especially irritating to me, and might not bother others.

    You started out looking at the camera. As you got further into it, you rarely looked up from what you were reading. Perhaps you could post your script above your computer, and/or memorize what you’re planning to say. That, combined with practice, should get you past the nerves.

    BTW – I love the periodic table that’s posted over your head! It’s cool!

    And again, Brava! I couldn’t do half so well.

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    • I love fairytales too! I might make that a weekly thing.

      The buzzing sound probably came from the LED flash on my phone running for an extended period. I did about an hour’s worth of filming to the point where I drained my battery despite it being plugged into the wall. Samsung problems. :-/ Strictly speaking, you’re not supposed to do that with a flash on a phone but I didn’t have optimum lighting. For the next vlog, I’m going to test wearing my earphones to see if that helps.

      My reason for not looking at the camera was twofold. One, I was really sleepy LOL. Two, that flash is very bright and is right by the camera lens. I wasn’t nervous. Just avoiding the flash and trying to stay awake.

      Thanks for your compliment on the Periodic Table of the Elements on my wall. It came with Theodore Gray’s Elements calendar I bought off of Amazon.

      Thank you for your comments and your compliments!


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