8 thoughts on “Uh Oh…Ominous Music Ensues

  1. *hug* don’t forget to look for paid testing of food and drink surveys, i only did two in brisbane (due to they ‘aren’t popular bs), i heard glass bottles are worth 5 us cents unless that’s just in the states of MI and WI.

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    • I do those as well but I’m unable to get to the most recent offering due to having an appointment.

      Good luck finding glass bottles around here. It’s not the same as Finland. It’s mostly cans here and, the last I remember, a few people have a lockdown on collecting those.


  2. oh, i thought by doing food taste testing its a free meal. do they send free samples of stuff in the mail? in the *cough, cough* good old days of 2013 there was only 5 other collectors now its like 15, so i try to get what i can. well you could put a side the cans of value if you end up buying them or get them on dates.

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    • It’s never enough for a free meal. They’ll put, maybe, three chips in a cup to give you the opportunity to taste the product but it’s never enough to fill up on. That comes from getting paid to do it.

      Yes, but not as often as they used to send free samples.

      I don’t generally buy soft drinks or anything that comes in an aluminium can. Too expensive. Mostly, I’m drinking water and tea nowadays.

      Heh, you know, I might have to start going out on dates just to afford shit. Such is finances.

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  3. It’s been an “interesting” month. I’ve considered setting up a “go fund me” just to get close to out from under.

    As for writing, remember that you don’t have to catch up unless you want to. You can always pick it up and leave that gap when it wasn’t done. There were times when I got overwhelmed at the notion of catching up, and allowed that to paralyze me. I learned to just pick up what was going on in process.

    I have a bunch of whole wheat bread flour, gluten to add if needed, and no good recipe for whole wheat bread. Do you?

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    • My commiserations on your bad time. I wish I had some way to help you but I’m soon to be near $100 in the hole at the bank. Thankfully, I’ve found a funding source to at least stop the arterial bleeding my account has been doing. Now, it’s just a question of building my finances back up. o_O

      I really want to be caught up in my writing. It’s a form of escapism for me. It’s my own, ready made, world that I can run off to when stuff gets too crappy here.

      Plus, I need as much practice as I can get. I’m planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year.

      Hm, whole wheat…I think Breadworld has a few recipes for whole wheat flour. I’ve never worked with it but I’m by proxy familiar with its idiosyncrasies thanks to America’s Test Kitchen.



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