Vlog Number Two and Writer’s Block Too

Later start time = Less sleepy and no blinding flash to avoid. Yay!

Almost completely unscripted this time, I managed to get through another eleven minutes of vlogging with few problems this time.


I got a much later start than last time, so I wasn’t fighting off yawns. I didn’t have the Flash of Doom in my eyes, so I didn’t squint or avoid the camera altogether. For only my second video, I consider this a resounding success.


About the only problem I have right now is a sudden case of Writer’s Block right when I need my writing abilities the most. As of this moment, there are no writing ideas in my head. This isn’t leading to a wave of consternation as I had expected either. I’m pretty much at peace with it. You see, I know that it’s only a temporary block. I went eight years without writing, so a few days is not going to send me packing.


Yes, I can see the irony in my writing this blog post. No, it’s not the same as “Writing”. With creative writing, I have to really delve into my mind to pull the thoughts out, make them coherent and then format it for Human consumption. These blog posts, on the other hand, are rather stream of consciousness and don’t require much in the realm of thinking. It’s just my internal dialog put on display.


So, I’m going to do two things: I’m going to pick a story to read for the next vlog and I’m going to crochet until I feel the writer’s block smashing in my mind. For the story, I’m considering going with Franz Kafka. I’m not sure which of his stories I’m going to read yet but I have The Castle and the Penal Colony. I received both as gifts from my ninth grade Mathematics teacher, Mister Pardi, who is a genius who chooses to teach us lesser mortals. He’s probably one of the coolest teachers I’ve ever had actually. I don’t say that lightly.


After I do this, I am going to crochet some on the October Rust Birthday Shawl. It is, after all, getting to be late in the month. I want to have this thing completed by May.


Before I do any of this, I need breakfast and tea.


Later, Peoples of the Sun! Rolling on the floor laughingRed heartRainbow

2 thoughts on “Vlog Number Two and Writer’s Block Too

  1. Kalitime –

    Liked the story. I do like trickster tales.

    Question. Was the book written by or edited by the author? Is there an ISBN number? (It would most likely be on the copyright page, along with any info about its LOC info.)

    The buzz is coming from your phone. The picture is clearer from the phone, but the buzz is missing from the very end.

    And yes, you did look a good deal more lively!

    Going to check the last bit of email, then make some breakfast. Yes, I know I should eat first. How about I compromise by drinking a big glass of sweet tea?



    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you liked the story. It’s one of my favorites as well.

      The book was actually written by Louis Untermeyer. It’s so old, that it doesn’t have an ISBN number but it does have an LOC card catalog reference.

      I searched for it on Amazon and found that there are a few copies still available to be sold, if you’re interested.


      I figured that the buzz would be coming from the phone. It’s the bane of my existence but I need it until I can get either an SD card for my camera or a new phone.

      I could do the vlogs from the webcam but, when I do a single shot take, my phone uploads faster to YouTube than the computer does. It’s a tragicomedy, it really is.

      Thanks, I’m glad I looked like I was at least half awake this time. It’s really weird. I’m shy in just about all aspects of my life but I’m not Camera Shy and I don’t get Stage Fright. I don’t know what that is.

      Eat something naow! :p

      *giant hugs back*


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