Aerogarden of Hope Experiment

Hello Everyone!


Today is the first official day of my experiment with the Aerogarden of Hope. I trimmed back the herbs most brutally. I was especially brutal to the Basils and Mint. I must have cut six ounces of herbs total from the vict…plants. I hope they don’t get me in the night.


Here’s a picture of the aftermath. The “before” picture can be seen in the previous post from yesterday.


My total yield of herbs was substantial. Pay no mind to the cluttered desk. From right to left, the herbs are as follows: Thai basil, mint, cilantro, dill, and Genovese basil. I didn’t take anything from the Chives or Parsley as neither are big enough yet to harvest from.



I am hoping that the pruning job I’ve done will yield me an abundance of herbs in two week’s time. The Curly Parsley and Chives should have caught up by then and everything else should be fully recovered from the waste laid to them. Well, not “waste” considering I ate it all. It was so STRONG… Devil


I’m going to smell like herbs for quite a while.


Anyway, back to the challenge. I am doing this in preparation of growing Tomatoes and Peppers. I want to put this Aerogarden through its paces to see how much it can take, how much it can support as well as what it can’t handle. I already know from siphoning off the water that it has a built in scale to alert when the water level is too low. That’s good considering (according to my research) Peppers and (especially) Tomatoes drink the reservoir of water dry in record time. If I’m going to grow them, I’m really going to need to stay on top of things.


This is why I’m just letting the plants go wild. While they’ll never get to Tomato/Pepper levels as far as water and nutrient requirements, it’ll be interesting to see just how much the Gourmet Herbs can teach me about growing using Hydrocultural methods. Hopefully, nothing will go to seed while I’m doing this experiment. Also hopefully, I’ll have something in the way of food to put all that basil in by the end of this.


After the Sixty day mark for the garden, I’m going to plant the pods in pots of potting mix, put them in my window and start with the Salsa Garden Kit. Either that or a Choose your own mix of Some Tomatoes/Some (probably Jalapeno) Peppers. Hopefully, my Aerogardening Prowess will have increased by then to the point where maintaining these plants will be a breeze.


With time and patience, I’m hoping to grow full sized fruit determinant Tomatoes in the Aerogarden of Hope. I’ve scoped out a few varieties that look as though they’d be perfect for growing in the Aerogarden.


I’m really finding it amazing that, just a few weeks ago on 20 May, the Aerogarden looked like the picture below. It’s amazing how quickly these plants have sprouted up. Red heart



As to the updated vlog on the Aerogarden, I’ll do that tomorrow. I’m still tired. Sad smile


Have a fantastic weekend, Everyone! Rolling on the floor laughingRed heartRainbow


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