All By My Lonesome

I’m very proud of myself. I’ve managed to put together my desk all by myself. I carried it up to my room a piece or two at a time and then I struggled with it for six hours until it was all put together. I even deconstructed the old desk and took it downstairs.

Sisters really are doing it for themselves.


In addition to this, I finally managed to get the book and kit I’ve been desperate for. The journey to getting this crochet kit has been long and hard. I found out a few things in the process of receiving this:

  1. Some of my neighbors are thieves.
  2. Even my favorite delivery carrier is capable of incompetency.
  3. There is actually worse out there than my formerly least favorite carrier.
  4. I can crochet even when I’m super tired.


Now that I have the kit, I’ve been studying, practicing, and making some of the figurines. My first project from this book is Yoda. As of today, he is unfinished because my exhausted body finally crashed on me yesterday. I’ll be working on him again as soon as I eat something.



Once he’s finished, he’s going to my friend Sylvain.


Then, as soon as I get the yarn from Knit Picks, I’m making Boba Fett for my friend Sam.


My body is still so sore and covered in bruises and scabs from putting this desk together. I look on this pain and temporary marking as proud battle scars for a job well done.


On a similar vein, the bed I was so anxious to get may be too big for my room. I was doing the measurements across the Wall of Inspiration and, even if I tried to, it wouldn’t fit comfortably. So, the concept of a bed is right out.


Oh well.


My Aerogarden peppers are super producing right now. Every time I look in on the plant, I see more and more Jalapenos with more and more leaves and flowers falling. I might tweak with the feeding a little bit to see if I can get the plant to retain more of the flowers for fruit production.


The tomatoes are almost the same height at the pepper plant. I’m really hoping to get a new Aerogarden once I get rid of the sewing table and machine. That way, I can have one Aerogarden dedicated to pepper production and another dedicated to tomato or herb production. Oh, who am I kidding? Tomatoes. I’m determined to lick this tomato growing.


Last but certainly not least, NaNoWriMo. I have three more days until I’m fully dedicated to preparing for this upcoming pain festival in November. I have the beginnings of a story. I’ve run it by a few friends and they all say that it seems original. I’m just hoping the melding of my old unfinished stories and this main story go smoothly. I think I’m going to spend the next two days writing character sheets or something.


I really need to eat something now. Later.


6 thoughts on “All By My Lonesome

  1. Congrats on your building skills. And deconstruction skills.

    As for the neighbors being thieves, it is possible that the delivery service wrote down the wrong address for where the package was delivered. I remember that happening to me. It was several months before the original package turned up. Amazon had replaced it within the week of the original misdelivery.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! 🙂

      Sadly, they’re thieves. My telephone number is on the outside of all my packages. Even if they received the package and signed for it, why not call the number? On top of that, someone knowingly signed for the package and never bothered to return it to Amazon once they realized the error.

      Unless they died within moments of getting the package, they stole it.


  2. Where did you get that desk? It’s time to replace my old desk of 20 years. I bought mine at Ames, a store that doesn’t exists anymore ❗ 😆

    I like your desk because it looks similar to mine. 😎

    You need to get out of the galaxy that is far far away (Star Wars), and come to earth and the United Federation of Planets (Star Trek)! 😆



      • Thanks! 🙂 I might order one this holidays. Since mine it’s starting to fall apart.

        Good luck with all that writing. 😯

        All I’m saying is, Star Trek looks better in crochet than Star Wars. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        • The desk is totally worth it.

          Why not join me in the process of writing? 😂

          Just kidding. I’m hoping to get a burst of energy that enables me to write for an extended period of time.

          I like both.

          Liked by 1 person

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