Rage, Hurt and Healing

I just participated in the #WhenIWas hashtag on Twitter. In case you all don’t know what that is, this link and this link should explain it in more detail.


I have to say, it was very cathartic getting these events written down outside of my private writings. There were so many instances that I had to stop writing for my sanity’s sake. Like many others, I paused before tweeting and considered deleting my tweets several times before letting them stand. Then, I thought about it. Why, after all these years, should these people have power over me to write or not write a tweet confronting the disgusting truth of what was done?


I have never understood the mentality of pushing the victimized person in the corner and blaming them for the horrors they’ve suffered. Yet, I’m seeing it and have seen it over and over in my day to day life. Where is all the outrage for the person doing the victimizing?


This stuff is unacceptable. No one should have to go through these things.


4 thoughts on “Rage, Hurt and Healing

  1. no one should be kept in fear. its going to take one decent guy and years him gaining my trust because of what i went through. dv is not good. being told ‘oh you know a guy needs a release and he can’t help himself’. BS! a guy can control himself if not buy a sex doll for a ‘release’. Both of us will get there. i don’t have all the answers. Sometimes its good to return to your own world at times. *big hug*

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    • Domestic violence is a horrible evil. No one is the punching bag of anyone else in existence. Anyone who intimates that someone should get a free pass for committing an act of emotional terror against another is fucking lost.

      Yes, we will get there.

      If it hadn’t been for my isolation, I would have cracked years ago. For that, I can say I am thankful for being agoraphobic. It’s insulated me from a lot of the bullshit this society considers a “normal relationship”.

      I see instances of violence brushed off as “kids being kids” or “boys showing affection” and it turns my stomach. If anyone ever even dreamed to treat me the way some of the girls and women I’ve seen mistreated like, I’d put him/her in traction.

      *giant hug*


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