Proper Preparation…

…Prevents poor performance.


At least, I’ve heard that before.


I haven’t been doing too well on this front. My diet has been more “What is immediately available” rather than “Vegan”. I’ve done my level best to steer myself towards the Vegan options but where I am at present is not a Vegan friendly place. I’m working on getting a compromise going where non-Vegan food isn’t shoved in my face at every opportunity under the premise that I’m not eating healthy enough and “need” meat. I am hoping, now that I have a treasure trove of two Vegan cookbooks in my arsenal and have convinced the concerned party of the merits of a Vegan diet, that I can finally live in peace without having food laced with animal product offered to me at nearly every turn.

Considering my history of living in food deserts and having a painful stomach ulcer, this is not necessarily a devastating problem to endure. Nevertheless, I do want to be Vegan.


As it stands, I am saving up so I can buy specific products in bulk so I can make my own Vegan food. Currently, my go to recipe is a Vegan vegetable soup I made up. As good as it is, I would like a variety to stuff my face with because I can’t live on tea and the occasional smoothie forever.


So my two cookbooks are The America’s Test Kitchen Vegan cookbook and Gaz Oakley’s Vegan 100. The former has the trust of the animal product enforcer while the latter’s YouTube channel recipes have convinced them that I wouldn’t starve on a Vegan diet.


I just need to get those bulk products in here.


Thanks for listening/reading.


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Practice Makes Perfect?

Perhaps it just drives one insane in the process of learning? For some unknown reason, I was, apparently, so intently interested that I decided to pick up another language on Duolingo and via language CDs. Previously, I had been learning (in this order) German, Spanish, and French. Yet, again for some reason, I felt compelled to pick up the Chinese language course.


I’m presently in practice mode on three of the languages and advancing mode on one, that language being German. Once I finish this current lesson, I’ll put a different language into advancing mode. Advancing mode to me means moving down the language tree. 


You may think that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew…and I don’t disagree with this astute assessment in the slightest. Yet, even now, I am eyeing the Korean language tree on Duolingo. I had previously tried learning it on a different site but didn’t have a back up of language CDs at the time to enable me to reinforce what I’d been learning via the application. For some outlandish reason, I feel as though I might be able to pull learning five languages off with the proper preparation now that I have said language CDs at the ready.


If I look at this logically, I can compartmentalize the three hours I set aside to practice via Duolingo five ways into thirty-six minutes per language daily.  From there, I can listen to a Language CD on a given day to boost my vocabulary during the week. Each weekday can have a language assigned where I listen and, when I have the free time (ha ha) practice writing in said language. My weekends are free…so that my brain can ooze out of my ears in weariness.


Looking at it logically, it appears doable.  Perhaps it’ll give me something to put here every once in a while even.  The cons of this being that I’ll snap like a dry twig. Ah well. I’m already eccentric. Sarcastic smile


So, I’m going to try this starting today. Since I’m picking up the new-ish language on this day, I’ll make today the day for listening to the Korean language CDs. 


Thanks for listening/reading.


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I Think I’m Back…

…Not unlike an unreliable geyser.

For the first time in a long time. A heart-achingly long time…I am writing again.

It isn’t much, just something in my Positive Goals and Self-Improvement journal but it is more than I’ve done in the past five months. Outside of social media postings, I haven’t written a thing except for the inscrutably brief marketing lists.

It feels good to be back at the craft I want to pursue. I intend to take it with small steps but I’m determined to get back to writing multi-chapter stories again before the year is out.

To be honest, I really don’t know what brought on the drought in my writing and crafting. I just didn’t feel the urge that normally drives me to do things like write, knit, crochet, etc. To say that my awake time was boring, stilted, dull, and without inspiration would be an understatement. I’d been under a lot of stress both at home and in the outside world and I guess that must have contributed to the dearth in my writing production.

I have to learn to write in spite of these feelings of blankness. Hone my craft in such a way that a lack of inspiration isn’t a blockage to at least a passable story which can be improved upon at a later date.

In fact, I should make this one of my goals. Now, to update LibreOffice…



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